Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is an unusual wildlife reserve which gains its uniqueness because of the dry and deciduous beauty it upholds. It’s the oldest and the largest national park in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, created in the year 1955 and pans across a total area of 1,727 Sq.km.
It’s dense forest, deep valleys, and meadows provides a habitat which is suitable for tigers to grow. However, it’s not just about the big cats. The Park will amaze you with many other wild species—sloth bears, wild dogs, gaur, and barking deer to name a few.
Tadoba is a haven for the best native woodland bird species of Central India & there’s an incredible variety of birds you get to spot— including aquatic birds, birds of prey, and fruit-eating birds.
The tribal villages in and around Tadoba National Park in habitats five tribes inside the core forest zone and the villagers cultivate crops in the core area of the national park. The most interesting aspect of exploring the rural regions of Tadoba is getting a chance to rub shoulders with Gond tribals, whose descendants still exist in the local villages. Tadoba National Park is collectively conserved and protected by the forest department and the forest inhabitants.
Tadoba National Park
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